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Anisette Marie Brizard 1L


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The renowned maison Marie Brizard, founded in Bordeaux in 1755, is the spokesperson for one of the most popular French liqueurs: anisette. With its centuries-old history of over 250 years, Marie Brizard undoubtedly leads the way in France and around the world in one of the most refreshing liqueurs.

In the past, anisette was drunk mainly by the French aristocracy. This liqueur comes from a secret recipe, handed down to the present day, which combines eleven different plants and spices. To obtain its unique and unmistakable taste, Anisette Marie Brizard uses Mediterranean green anise, which has a more intense aroma than star anise.

The appearance of the liqueur is crystal clear, of great elegance, while the alcohol content is 25%. The bouquet is complex, with hints of citrus fruits mixed with the explosive scent of green anise. Its undisputed strength is represented by its strong flavour balanced by a pleasant sweetness, never intrusive, which makes the aroma linger in the mouth for a long time without ever getting tired.

Anisette can be appreciated smooth or with ice, or by adding a few drops of lemon, which will enhance its delicate and pleasant acidity. You can also make a variant of Gin and Tonic, which consists of three parts of Anisette, one part lemon juice, one slice of lemon and tonic water.

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Technical sheet

Category:Anise (Spirits)
Producer: Marie Brizard
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 25%
Country: France

Description of Anisette Marie Brizard 1L

Anisette Marie Brizard 1L


  • Colour: This drink is crystal clear, which is rare for similar liqueurs.
  • Aroma: Fresh green anise comprises the main scent profile.
  • Taste: Common for liqueurs, this beverage has a slightly sweet taste to it. However, because of its ingredients-- many of which the Marie Brizard company keeps secret-- it is also acidic. Like with the drink's scent, its flavour is also mostly comprised of green anise with hints of other spices. This beverage tastes best when drunk alone, on ice, or mixed with citrus-dominated juices and tonics.

PRODUCER: Marie Brizard

The Marie Brizard distillery is named for a woman with the same name who was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1714. In 1755, she opened her own business, in which she sold primarily liqueurs. However, it wasn't until 1763 that she created the recipe that is still made today. Later, the company was handed down to her descendants. At one time, the company was known as Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits but is now simply known as Marie Brizard.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: While Marie Brizard does not give away all of its alcohol-making secrets, we do know that it is made with green anise, which the drink derives its primary flavour and scent from. It also contains ten other botanicals, spices, and other plants that make its flavour unique.


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The Producer

Marie Brizard

Marie Brizard

The brand, created by Marie Brizard in Bordeaux, a region renowned throughout the world for its tradition of quality wines, is one of the world's most venerable producers of liqueurs and drinks based on plants, fruits and spices.

More about the Producer


2013 - Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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For some reason, this product is so difficult to find in the UK. There are many selling the flavoured versions, but this original version is exactly what we wanted. Thank you.
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Anisette Marie Brizard 1L

5 /5

Ottimo prodotto
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5 /5

My favourite liqueur
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5 /5

Super product!!
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