Anis del Mono Dulce 1L


Anis del Mono Dulce 1L

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The Anis del Mono Dulce 1L comes from a distillery in Badalona, the neighbour town of Barcelona. On the label, you can see the brand's unique logo, a Darwin-like monkey man with a bottle of Anis Mono Dulce. The bottle design shows elegant diamond cuts in the glass. Vicente Bosch, the founder of Destil·leries Bosch, bought a perfume as a gift for his wife on one of his travels to Paris. This bottle from a shop on the Place Vendôme is the inspiration for the unique bottle design of the Anis Mono Dulce.

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Technical sheet

Category:Anise (Spirits)
Producer: Anís del Mono
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
70cl and Magnum
Alcohol Vol.: 35%
Country: Spain

Description of Anis del Mono Dulce 1L

Anis del Mono Dulce 1L

TASTING NOTES OF Anis del Mono Dulce 1L :

  • Colour: colorless, transparent and shiny.
  • Flavour: very smooth.
  • Taste: sweet and persistent.

PRODUCER: Destil·leries Bosch


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The scarlet natural anise and other herbs are distilled in copper stills for essential oils together with sugar cane, demineralized water and neutral spirits up premium anise. Subsequently the mixture was gently stirred, filtered and bottled.

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The Producer

Anís del Mono

Anís del Mono

The company was Anís del Mono (1868 or) 1870 founded by brothers José and Vicente Bosch in Badalona. Unusual is the bottle label, to its history, there are different traditions. This bottle label shows an ape-man, who has the facial features of a man, but has a completely hairy body and a monkey tail - and respectively in his right paw. Hand holds a scroll written on the stands: "He's the best, the science says that, and I do not lie" and holding in his left a bottle. A legislative history anticipates that this design was chosen because the Bosch family a monkey as a pet was, who was also in the liquor factory, another tradition for, wanted the brothers Bosch caricature popular at that time views of Charles Darwin provocative after the evolution of man descended from apes, or the belief in science as a whole should be caricatured by the label.

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Great product at a great price
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Anis del Mono Dulce 1L

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Very fast delivery, packaging very good and quality is also very good,
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5 /5

A lovely smooth drink.
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