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Anís Del Mono Dulce

Anís del Mono (Anise)

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The Anís del Mono Factory was founded in Badalona, Spain in 1870. Anís del Mono takes its name from a small monkey that was given as a gift to the liqueur's creator, Vicente Bosch. The label itself is famous for two reasons. The first is because of the misspelling in the word distillation in Spanish (it should not have a double L). The second reason the label is famous is because of the very humanoid monkey featured in the centre that bears some resemblance to Charles Darwin.

To make the colourless, Anís del Mono Dulce, natural aniseed is distilled in copper stills with other aromatics in order to obtain only the essential oils. These oils are mixed with sugar cane, demineralised water, and neutral alcohol before being shaken, filtered, and bottled. The artisanal method of making this liqueur has not changed over the past 145 years.

The beautiful diamond-cut bottle was inspired by a perfume bottle that Bosch gave as a gift to his wife. In Spain, this bottle is sometimes even used as a musical instrument! To drink Anís del Mono Dulce in the traditional manner, try it with water and ice. It can also be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed with either brandy or coffee. Its gentle, full aroma is sure to draw you in.

Technical sheet · Anís Del Mono Dulce

Category:Anise (Spirits)
Producer: Anís del Mono
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and Magnum
Alcohol Vol.: 35%
Country: Spain

Description · Anís del Mono

Anís Del Mono Dulce


  • Color: Crystal clear, bright and transparent.
  • Flavour: anise aroma Soave.
  • Taste: pleasant, sweet and persistent.

PRODUCER: Drinks Osborne.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Anis del Mono. That "anise monkey". A name that is so curious interpretation, among others. The story goes that the Bosch family and owner of the distillery in Badalona, ​​Spain, owned farms abroad. One of them one day he sailed a ship carrying a monkey found his home in the factory. People were intrigued and amused by that animal, so identified the liquor produced in the distillery as mono anise, "Anis del Mono", indeed. Today, as a century and a half, the liquor occurs after the original recipe: only sugar cane, distilled water, pure alcohol and, of course, the aniseed with the addition of some herbs. The production process consists of the alcohol ingredients macerated, filtered in copper stills, the original nineteenth century. Next is slightly agitated to move the particles were maintained in suspension and then filtered before bottling. The result is a liqueur with a pleasant bouquet, perfect for pure after a meal, or with water and ice, in the classic "flies", or lemon juice and ice. There are many variations to get a drink in the low alcohol content and full of flavor.


Anís del Mono

The company was Anís del Mono (1868 or) 1870 founded by brothers José and Vicente Bosch in Badalona. Unusual is the bottle label, to its history, there are different traditions. This bottle label shows an ape-man, who has the facial features of a man, but has a completely hairy body and a monkey...

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Highlighted review about Anís Del Mono Dulce

Cèlia Rodríguez

Posted on at 10.43


Anís del Mono

And even though times have changed and with them the tastes of the consumer, Anís of Mono is still a reference in distillates. Drunk in a "classic" mode or original cocktails like "Li-monada" or anise "Anis del Mono Sweet & amp; Dry", enjoy this brandy it is one of the greatest pleasures.

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Posted on at 08.49

5 /5

Best Anis tasted but very expensive.
Philippe Bougard

Posted on at 11.07

5 /5

Fast delivery and impeccable

Posted on at 13.58

5 /5

well gracias muy
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