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The Alghero Doc wine region is located in the north of the **Italian island of Sardinia, which is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The DOC region of Alghero produces unique red wines, white wines and sparkling wines.

The history of Alghero DOC

This Italian vineyard has been protected by a Designation of Origin since 1995.

The territory of Alghero was first populated about 6,000 years ago during the Neolithic period. The Phoenicians built one of their most important ports there, thanks to the many resources, especially fresh water.

Alghero has few traces of Roman times, including the village of Santa Imbenia, the sanctuary of the Purissima and the bridge over the Calich pond.

The city was under the domination of several more powerful countries. The old town was founded in the first half of the 16th century by the nobles of the Genoese family of the Doria. Its strategic position and the presence of groundwater attracted many people. In 1283, the Pisans tried to take control of it but were unable to do so. In 1354, the Kingdom of Aragon conquered the city, expelled the local population and set there en masse Catalan-speaking families from Catalonia. It was at the same time that the city was struck by the Black Death.

The plague struck again in 1652 with the arrival of a ship from Catalonia; many Algheresi tried to escape the epidemic by fleeing the city and spreading the disease throughout the country. The epidemic will not end until after four years.

In 1720, Savoy took control of the city, but Alghero and its Catalan culture resisted the changes imposed by the Savoyards.

The area was bombed during the Second World War and occupied by German troops. Nevertheless, the Algheresi managed to lead a revolt.

During the 1960s, Alghero experienced a period of great growth accompanied by strong real estate speculation, and the construction of several hotels along the coast.

The geographical location

Alghero is located in the northwest of the island of Sardinia, on a small peninsula. Its coast is 68 km long due to its rather complex geography, with several small bays and rivers. The city is located on the "coral coast", known for its popular red corals. Cape Caccia, located 24 km from Alghero, is part of a protected area.

Alghero's climate is humid due to its proximity to the sea, which results in less cold temperatures in winter. Summers are hot and pleasant, as in most of the Mediterranean.

The wine region "Alghero" extends through plains and hills, to the sea. An area that, thanks to the heterogeneous composition of the soil, the generosity of the sun and the sea breeze, makes it possible to cultivate very different vines: the most characteristic flavours of Sardinia, withCannonau and Vermentino, Monica and[Cagnulari] (, an ancient vine whose production is limited in a restricted area in the northwest of Sardinia.

The wines

This Italian vineyard produces the following grape varieties: Bianco, Rosato, Rosso, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Frizzante Vermentino, Sangiovese, Cabernet or Cagnulari.

Only wines harvested within the production area defined by the decree are eligible for the DOC. The authorised vineyards are located in the province of Sassari in the municipalities of Alghero, Olmedo, Ossi, Tissi, Usini, Uri, Ittiri and partly in the municipality of Sassari. The territory also produces several red and white wines with DOCG and IGT labels.

In Alghero, the art of winemaking, from historical labels to new producers, allows us to produce quality wines that combine tradition, taste and passion in their flavours.

*The Cagnulari red is best expressed in Alghero, revealing the best of its properties to give birth to the "DOC Alghero Cagnulari". *[ Torbato, on the other hand, preserves in its aroma a fragment of Catalan history. He arrived in Spain with the Phoenician merchants, and in Alghero with the arrival of the Catalans in the city in the 14th century.

**The white vine, once grown in many parts of the Mediterranean, has been abandoned over time, but not in Alghero, where it still produces exceptional wines today.

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