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Drinks&Co is a social marketplace of Wines, Beer, spirits and gourmet products with expert and user reviews.

The Drinks&Co user profile is a person who has an interest in comparing prices among different Wines, Beer, spirits and gourmet products, who seeks information about them and is open to receive recommendations about them in order to purchase the best deal. This is a unique profile in UK and the ideal platform for brands, manufacturers, stores or any other company who wish to promote with our highly targeted audience.

Promotion Spaces

At Drinks&Co we are quite creative and that’s why we can always adapt to the needs of advertisers. We want to help the advertiser to get the highest return establishing a relation based on trust.

On one hand, we offer the industry standard sizes in our web (300 x 250 or 160 x 600). But we can also offer other formats such as newsletters promotion or new products reviews sponsorship. If you are looking for other ways to promote yourself through Drinks&Co we are open to anything that can be interesting for you and our users.

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