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Absinthe Mansinthe


Absinthe Mansinthe

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Absinthe Mansinthe is a high-quality absinthe and is the result of a collaboration between Marilyn Manson, the American musician, and Markus Lion, the owner of Absinthe.de. The pair began to consider creating a line of absinthe in 2005, which came into being a mere two years later. As Marilyn Manson has long been a fan of this historic green drink, which has been surrounded with controversy for centuries, it is not surprising that he would want to create his own premium version of the product.

Mansinthe is a high-quality absinthe that is distilled using grand wormwood, anise, and fennel, along with other fine herbs using a recipe that is one hundred years old. The holy trinity of grand wormwood, anise, and fennel are required for a spirit to be considered absinthe. The final alcohol content is 66.6% per volume.

When you hear the word absinthe, it is hard not to think of its scandalous history full of artists, painting, and hallucinations all happening under the gaze of the Green Fairy, an affectionate name for the bright green spirit. Absinthe has, allegedly, been behind so many works of art in the past that it is hard not to wonder how it actually tastes. The Green Fairy has been reinvented by a true connoisseur. "Try it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about".

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Technical sheet

Category:Absinthe (Spirits)
Producer: Oliver Matter
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
200ml and 50ml
Alcohol Vol.: 66.6%
Country: Switzerland

Description of Absinthe Mansinthe

Absinthe Mansinthe


  • Colour: Absinthe Mansinthe is a fresh, grassy, naturally-coloured green, a milky pale green when water is added.
  • Aroma: Predominant scents of aniseed and fennel lead into a subtle peppermint zip, with more balsamic notes released by the addition of water.
  • Taste: Classically absinthe flavours of liquorice and fennel with an echo of spice.

PRODUCER: Matter-Luginbühl AG, a surprisingly small family-run business in operation since 1920. Its fourth-generation owners remain faithful to their great-grandfather's vision of doing everything possible to create the finest possible products. While it started out in the schnapps market, nowadays the company draws on this long experience and passion to craft absinthes, bitter aperitifs, fruit brandies, and liqueurs that fit very comfortably into modern markets. It is for this reason that shock rocker Marilyn Manson chose to partner with them for the production of this award-winning signature tipple, together with absinthe expert Markus Lion.

COUNTRY: Switzerland

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Absinthe Mansinthe is a distillation of vermouth, aniseed, fennel, and other quality herbs. Pour Absinthe Mansinthe into a large stemmed glass, and suspend a slotted spoon holding a sugar cube over the glass. Slowly drip icy-cold water over the cube until it fully dissolves, then remove the spoon and add water to the glass to suit yourself. Never drink Absinthe Mansinthe undiluted, or set it afire. Don't expect a visit from the absinthe fairy, or Marilyn Manson, but do enjoy yourself.

ALCOHOL: 66.6%

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