Absinthe Absente 55

Distilleries Et Domaines de Provence (Absinthe)

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Distilleries Et Domaines de Provence presents us the Absinthe Absente 55 , a absinthe with roots in France with an alcoholic content of 55%. The Drinks&Co community values the Absinthe Absente 55 with 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Absinthe Absente 55

Category:Absinthe (Spirits)
Producer: Distilleries Et Domaines de Provence
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 55%
Country: France

Description · Distilleries Et Domaines de Provence

Absinthe Absente 55

TASTING NOTES OF Absinthe Absente 55:

  • Color: light green, yellow glare.
  • Flavour: subtle aroma of absinthe, anise, mint and spices.
  • Taste: Anise round attack, well structured thanks to the presence of ameza, fresh and spicy (absinthe, lemon balm and mint) notes feeling.

PRODUCER: Distilleries de Provence.

Country France.


Distilleries Et Domaines de Provence

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Posted on at 12.41

4 /5

Produced by Distilleries de Provence, Absente 55 is created using the classic wormwood plant, Thujone and a blend of aniseed essences. Infusions of mint, lemon balm, cane sugar, and water give a traditional, fresh but spicy taste with a subtle aroma.

Posted on at 16.20

4 /5

This liquor is composed of alcohol, sugar, Gas and Armoise infusion of Anise alcoholate, Gas Badiane (anethol), alcoholates of Melissa and mint and gasoline high Absinthe. The latter has a very strong bitterness. Wormwood brings structure to the Missing. The subtle flavors of anise, mint and spices brought by alcoholates and essences give this liqueur its balance, finesse, freshness and aromatic persistence surprising. Serve over crushed ice or cool water (1/2 + sugar). Control plants, spices, raw materials. Drying and storage. Maceration and then separating the solid part from the liquid part. Working distillation and filtration dégrossissante 1st before final filtration and bottling. Today, Absent, liquor plants Absinthe differs from his older sister on one essential point: some active ingredients made by plants (thujone, fenchone, pinocamphone) are now present in minute doses and full compliance with the regulations
Luxurious Drinks BV

Posted on at 12.56

4 /5

Absente 55 70 cl Absinthe is very nice Absinthe with an alcohol content of 55 % Volume 0,7 Liter

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